Gleaming the Cube: MTG Style Part 2… Electric Boogaloo?


The title of this installment is almost as long as the content. I will tell you that this is brief, but the follow up in part three will more than make up for it. So here is something you look at that will give you the giggles…


What happens when a player that consistently gets their arse handed to them in constructed?

First they want to play cube every time… then they start to question why they are not able to convert that success when it comes to constructed.

It’s an odd, but not unheard of thing to happen.

Some players just draft really solid… because they are don’t have the time to overthink what they are going to do.

As a long time player, I have seen tons of things over the years, and it is the stories of players that for some reason they turn into so kind mutant combo master savant that can generate a third turn kill out of nowhere.

It’s disturbing… it’s brutal… and sometimes… just sometimes… it’s bloody hilarious.

Time and time again I see what happens to those players that are sometimes stymied when it comes to building a 60 card deck, but for some reason are killers in the 40 card deck draft format… Simply put, the power curve for a deck that is only 40 cards is sharper and easier to execute than with 60.

The odds of drawing what you need are much higher when you cut the pool much more sharply. While it is easier to get to cards that you need when you are dealing with such a small deck, and combinations may be easier to pull off in some situations… it still comes down to how you were able to build and how aggressive/smart you are with the cards that you draft.

The great thing about cube drafting is that you don’t have to be awesome to really get something out of the game, and if you have the right people… you will have an awesome time.

Join me next time for the most in depth part, when I explore the types of people that you will find when playing in a cube.


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