Moving into 2017…


​Well… that was a long hiatus, but I have returned with a better focus for the new year.

I am writing this article after having been away for well over a year, as well as coming to the conclusion that Angry Dwarf Studios is no longer going to be a thing.

As I write this blog entry, I am also counting down the remaining days of 2016, and to be honest… it is a year that I would be fine with being rid of.

So, on to better things.

There will be a renewal of the blog “I have lots of double letters in my name” as well as a better focus on doing more with the podcast “This Nerdy Life”.

The thing that I need to emphasize really is what I aim to do with these things… and that is simple.

I am now doing this to amuse myself.

Maybe I will get readers, maybe I won’t…

Maybe I will get subscribers, maybe I won’t…

The fact is that I am really happy with my career away from the social media/pop culture world, so it is back to being a proper hobby as opposed to being something more than that… and for the truth of the matter… it has been a mere hobby that I have neglected for too long.

With that being said… I guess it would be safe to say that I have returned… at least for a while.


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