Retro Review: 16 Bit Era Hockey Extravaganza


Considering that the NHL playoffs are not too far from now, and by the time we really start getting into the NHL games themselves, their playoff will have already started, I thought that it would be a fun project to do a series of articles based on the progression of Ice Hockey videogames from the 16 bit era.

The criteria for these reviews are really simple:

1. The game must be in 16 bit format, and released on a gaming console.

2. The game does not have to be strictly an NHL licensed property.

3. The games will be reviewed in the order that they were released based on the year..

4. The games will be scored on a point system with 10 points for category.

5. There will be 10 categories that each game will be measured on:
            a. Graphics

            b. Controls

            c. Details

            d. Features

            e. Rosters/Character Quality

            f. Speed of Play

            g. Learning Curve

            h. Legacy/Importance to Franchise.

            I. How well has it aged?

            J. Overall Game Play


6. I will be reviewing the Sega Genesis versions of these games, but will also provide insight to other versions of the games as I have them.


The list of games, this list is not in order, but the reviews will be.

Hit the Ice (1992), Mutant League Hockey (1994), NHL All Star Hockey ’95, EA Hockey (also titled as NHL ’91), The NHL series ’92 – ’98, Elitserien ’95 and ’96, Mario Lemieux Hockey (1991), Brett Hull Hockey (1995), ESPN National Hockey Night (1994) and Wayne Gretsky NHLPA All-Star Hockey (1995).

The reviews will be done in written form, and I may eventually do them as audio/video reviews as well in the future.

The first title that I will be reviewing will be EA Hockey/NHL ’91




I will be undertaking a retro review of the 16 bit era of ice hockey video games.
This will take a little while to compile, but I am looking to have it done by the time the NHL playoffs come about for this year.