Current Comics Review: The Shadow | Green Hornet: Dark Nights



I will try not to reveal much of the details of this story as the 5th issue of  this limited series shipped within the past 2 weeks.

So with that being said, I will give you a little bit of a review, and somewhat of a breakdown of how I view this story.

There are limited spoilers, but not reveal of plot. I will be mentioning some of the cast of characters. And my oh my are there interesting characters in this story.

To start off, the story opens with the very end of the first world war. Some of the characters mentioned here are President Woodrow Wilson, his wife, a reveal of a situation that will make you pick up a history book. An appearance and reference to Rasputin, the Romanovs, and an artifact that contains immense power.

This is all within the first 15 pages of this story.

Fast forward to 1939. Where we see a boardroom where there are several men in this room, and the man who arraigned this meeting? J. Edgar Hoover. But it is led by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt himself. There are of course other characters from history and the comics mythology as well, considering we get Col. Charles Lindbergh, Lamont Cranston (The Shadow), Brit Reid (The Green Hornet), and to top it off, there is even a connection to the legendary Lone Ranger himself.

Other characters that make appearances in the story include Shawain Kahn (descendant of Genghis Kahn), Howard Hughes, Nikola Tesla, Adolph Hitler, and a few other notables of that time.

All in all, it is a damn good story that is steeped in parallel history, pulp action, and some fantastic interior art. It is one hell of a take on a pair of characters that really work well together. The cinematic styling of the artwork in the comics truly a highlight of the series, and you can really tell that Dynamite really does feel that their pulp heroes line of characters is seriously worth the effort that is being put into it.

Published by Dynamite Comics, the 5 issue series will most likely end up in a collected edition, but I would seriously recommend that you go out and pick up the individual issues if possible. 


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