Table Top RPGs, Comics, Thoughts on Movies, and Just Random Stuff.


Well, it has been a couple of weeks since I really posted anything here on the blog. So I suppose I should put something here, so here we go.

COMICS: Couple of books that I want to give a brief review thus far, and first up is Jupiter’s Legacy published by Image Comics.

I am not sure if this is a limited series of 4 or 6 comics, but if the comic’s overall run is as good as the first two issues… this would be as good as DC’s Kingdom Come.

Yeah, that might be saying to yourself that I am a touch insane for saying that a new miniseries would be as good as what many were calling the eventual future of the DC Universe… But I think that there are 2 things that you should keep in mind here.

Kingdom Come has been devalued a little and is now simply a stand alone story because of the DC reboot for the New 52. Jupiter’s Legacy on the other hand, is a stand alone story because it features a whole new group of characters that were not steeped in previous history.

The story revolves around a group of scientists that are drawn to a mysterious island in the 1920’s. They make it to the island, and then we see time flash forward to the modern era, where there are now Superheroes that have helped shape the world and have been doing their thing for many decades.

However, there is dissention in the ranks amongst the heroes, and the story looks to be more of a tale of betrayal with the hero called the Utopian being the one that is to take the fall.

Mark Millar of Kick Ass and Secret Service fame writing, and Frank Quietly of X-Men and other awesome comics doing the artwork. If the story holds up for the next few issues, I think that this could be yet another great story to base a film on. I have not felt a tinge like this since Watchmen.

MOVIES: Saw the World’s End… and nearly pissed myself laughing in several spots. Great ending to the Corenetto trilogy.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were outstanding in this film, as was Martin Freeman. References abound in this film, and while many of them are not so subtle, and while the plot of the film is somewhat predictable, it is something that many films are not these days… FUN!

Table Top Gaming: So I am having some fun with running a World of Darkness game at the moment. The gaming group that I am in is currently taking a break with the Dungeons and Dragons Next playtest, and as such, have given attention to another game, and that being World of Darkness.

But there is something that I have noticed in the world of tabletop gaming that I feel that I need to speak up about.

And I the only one that has noticed that there is less and less Dungeons and Dragons game supplements and more and more Pathfinder and Warhammer supplements?

I have been to several Comic and Gaming shops in the past couple of days, and have to admit that there have been some observations that I have made.

There is seemingly a decline in RPG products on the store shelves, and it seems that the modern tabletop RPG player is having to rely more and more on the internet to fulfill their needs when it comes to getting supplements and accessories.

Even getting dice can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to getting some kinds of dice sets. For example, I play a game that requires using d10’s in a large capacity…. Pools of 10 to sometimes 20 dice would be needed. But purchasing 10 sided dice would be a bit of a challenge to find in a shop in sets of 10.

But that is not all that I can point out as some sign that there is a decline in the business.

The fact that at one of my local shops, the vast majority of the clearance items for RPGs ended up being roughly 90% Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition.

What this really shows me overall is how 4th edition really sucked… but it also shows me something else, and that is that the market is suffering from two things. Old players leaving the hobby, and a lack of new players.

It also shows me that caming shops are not looking at RPGs as being a viable source of business. That is a true amount of harsh reality.

A reality that shows that RPGs are in danger of fading away. And that is something that I am not cool with.

I will come back to this later on, but for now, I will leave you with this… At the least when the market really takes a dump, we will be able to get our books from Amazon for cheap. Now I have a sad.