Podcasts, Comics, and that Strange Itchy Sensation


So, I have been really busy the past couple of months and have not really posted much in the way of anything. So, here is an update on some of the stuff that I am currently reading and listening to.

Fatman on Batman: This weekly podcast by Writer and Director Kevin Smith, delves into two of my favorite subjects… Comics, and Batman. Sure, Daredevil is my favorite superhero… but it was the Batman that brought me into the comics fold. Through both the 1966 TV series, which was in reruns when I was a kid, and the animated series, I was brought into comics by 2 different books. Detective Comics Annual #3, and the Untold Legend of the Batman.

So to hear a podcast that is done by one of my favorite directors/writers, and to hear about one of the few characters that I genuinely love from DC (I’m more of a Marvel Guy). I could not be happier.

The podcast is done in an interview format that is carried in the comfortable and laid back conversational style, where KS interviews various comics creators and actors that have ties to the dark knight… and it is amazing. One of the best episodes that I have heard thus far has been the interview with Jeff Loeb (creator of Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman: Dark Victory, Daredevil: Yellow, and Superman for All Seasons). Wherein Loeb takes us on a journey with the start of his travels through not only comics, but Hollywood. Great listening.

Tell Em Steve Dave: Another SmodCo production starring Bryan Johnson, Walt Flannagin, and Brian Quinn. Fantastic stuff that shows a different side of the guys from Comic Book Men.

Words do not express how interesting and funny this podcast can be, and what makes it great is that it has the same feeling that I have experienced when hanging around the comic book shop when the casual people would leave, and only the staff and regulars were there.

The Shadow: Still enjoying this comic published from Dynamite Entertainment. Awesome Pulp Noir done with a modern feel and design… Lamont Cranston has never looked more awesome.

Swamp Thing: The New 52 launch of this comic has been nothing short of fantastic, and the great part about it, is that this book not only kind of harkens back to the era of Alan Moore, it goes  out of it’s way to reset the tone that this comic once had. Not since the Moore era has there been treatment of Swampy that a reader could really sink their teeth into. Great writing and imagery drives this book, and makes it a great series for the post reset era.

Daredevil: The current run on Daredevil being written by Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, The Flash), has taken a character that was for all intents and purposes, rather broken from the ending of the previous run… and has not only brought in new bad guys (Ikari) and some old ones (Bullseye, yeah… and it made sense) the only way to describe this run, is really one word. Engrosing.

Deadpool: Written by comedian Brian Poshen, the Merc with a Mouth has never been funnier. Great stuff, and all I can say as a hook to bring you in… Deadpool VS Zombie Presidents of the USA. The brawl with FDR was beyond awesome.

Uncanny X-Men + Wolverine and the X-Men: So, to give a description of this would take too long… so I will give just a couple of things, because this is no spoilers. The X-Men have split into 2 camps. Those that follow Cyclops in a group that are defending mutant kind from extinction as previous events from earlier runs would show the deaths of dozens of characters… and then the mutants that follow Wolverine, as he goes back to the site of the old Xavier school, and he and a few others, rebuild it as the Jean Grey School.

Add in the gigantic cross over of Avengers VS X-Men, the Return of the Phoenix Force, and a new birthing of The Hellfire Club… and holy cow is this book really high on my monthly reading lists.

Overall, this is some damn awesome stuff. Check it out, and you can think me later.

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