Just a thought


Ive come to the conclusion that there should be a call for Justice for George.

He was found not guilty of the crime… and all of this garbage is a direct result of race baiting. This poor bastard is now in a position that he will have to constantly deal with what happened, and the crap that follows with the media circus therein.

These people demanding justice for Trayvon, have generally ignored the horrors in their own communities, and have latched onto something that their Demagogs Obama, Houlder, Jackson, and Sharpton are pretty much squat humping for their own gain. And the ultra liberal and “urban” people are going right along with it.

And in the end, 2 people that didn’t deserve what they got, are having to deal with this crap.

Trayvon didn’t deserve to die… just deserved to get his arse whooped.

George doesn’t deserve to be raked over the coals anymore, as he will have a hard enough time as is with the rest of his life.

At least Trayvon doesn’t have to suffer anymore.


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