The business trip: A slight recap and tale


I write this article as I sit here waiting on my dinner at the Applebees in Richmond International Airport in Henrico County Virginia. I look out over the tarmac and the gates that are visible from the seating that I am fortunate to have, and I will be enjoying a nice steak and a pint of Yeungling. 

To me this is the perfect cap to a job well done.

I think back to the past 48 hours, and I have to smile… as this has been a good couple of days.

It started with having a smooth as glass flight to Atlanta, and an interesting layover hearing about the delays and cancellations that were happening for flights that were coming out of Chicago (or headed there), and the chaos that has gripped Boston in the wake of what happened there.

The difference for me in all of this truly has been that for once, things have thusfar gone my way. And I have to say that I could get used to it.

Whither it was the quick flight from Atlanta to Richmond, the team at National Rent A Car turning on the charm and treating me like a rockstar (went from having a Toyota Corolla to instead having a fully loaded Chrysler 300… and hell yeah I want one of those) to the easy check in from a pair of sexy as hell Hotel Hotties… I have to say that my first night there was good on all accounts.

Today was honestly more of the same. The trip to the college that I delivered a lecture in was oh so smooth, and the staff was awesome.

All in all, it was a great trip so far. The steak was delicious, as was the really tasty beer… and now for the rest of the trip.

Catch you on the flip-side. 


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