Motor City Comic Con… Needs Comics Badly.


So it has been a week, and I promised that I would give a little bit of a run down on the 2012 Motor City Comic Con.

So, here goes.

Not only did I have a fun time at the con, but I also learned a few things.

The first is that I should not be allowed to enter a con with much money. I had a budget of under $100 to cover all of my expenses for the con… And to my utter shock, I spent less than $80 while at the convention, with the main expense being the entry fee.

My big thing was getting to meet for the 3rd time, Tom Savini. He is only the true undisputed master of creature effects and such an innovator in the medium that we can thank him as being a great creative force that would lead to us having the Walking Dead.

Now to say that this was a major markout moment for me was nothing short of right on the money.

Mr.  Savini is the man that also mentored the amazing Greg Nicotero (Walkng Dead) and not only did the effects for George A Romero on Dawn, Day, Night (1990 in which he also directed) and other films like Martin. But this man is also known for his role as Sex Machine in From Dusk Till Dawn, and is the man that created the legendary character Jason Voorhese.

For those that are not familiar with THE GOD OF ZOMBIE MAKEUP… the following Wiki will answer your questions:

So, other than that big moment, I was enjoying the con… having an interesting time… but there was something that really stood out that an old buddy of mine from the comic shop days pointed out.

The Motor City Comic Con was really more of an exercise in Cosplay, Pop Culture, and meeting not only some Movie and TV people… but not having much of a chance to really see comics artists and creators. All in all this con came off as being more like a big ass swap meet.

This is not good in the grand scheme of things, as shows like C2E2 in Chicago, the Wizard World cons, and Comic Con in California make Motor City Comic Con, fall all on it’s arse.

And as crappy as this sounds, when Angry Dwarf Studios launches and goes into production… Motor City will be the “Home Con” for us… Yet at the same time, even then… Will the people running the con really be able to do the impossible and get some comics creators to really come in and step up the con?

There is a 2nd con that happens downtown in Detroit called Detroit Fan Fare: and is billed as the FIRST Comic Con in Downtown since 1975.

If this is indeed the case, then will the Motor City Comic Con end up evaporating?

Now I know what you are saying to yourself, “who cares, there in now two cons.”

True… but Motor City Comic Con while at one time being the 4th largest comic con in North America, never went away.

Detroit Fan Fare is a show that has sprang up with the sudden boom in nerd core culture.  And at this same time… how funny would it be if the New Con in town were to take over the spot of the place to be?

I guess that is the question.

You see, I was of this notion that a comic convention was supposed to be about comcis, and the artists that make them. Not about just whomever you can dig up from previous Sci-Fi shows and a couple of somewhat relevant actors and actresses to see if whither or not you can get them enough on the cheap to come to the con so that you can sell your comics and stuff as a vendor as well as a promoter.

And this is where the inherent problem is Motor City Comic Con is that it is run by the owners of Motor City Comics. Can you say conflict of interest much.

So here is a call to action that I am sure you all will get behind.

Send suggestions of creators you would love to see at the next Motor City Comic Con to

Either way, I know that we have so much more to do before we get to set up shop in the Creator’s Row at a comic con… so I am proposing that artists that are not already doing something for comics, and send me your art work samples via my Facebook: and also follow me on Twitter @thewessgrigg and we will talk.



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