Changes, Changes, Changes…


Looks like that the inevitable has finally happened… I have rejoined the Dork-Side so to speak.

I am now in a point and position, to where I am now fully switching my blog here over to a more Comics, Movies, Music, Pop Culture friendly experience… Meaning that my ranting and raves about Geo-Politics are going to take a back seat for a while.

I have decided to write about things that I feel are less likely to be misquoted, or need tons and tons of notes to write about as well… I don’t get paid for this stuff, and honestly, I have enough things going on that will lead to ulcers and the occasional fit. Plus it is so draining to write about that stuff all of the time.

So, I am putting down my tin foil hat, and taking a good long look at what I can write about… and Nerd stuff is what I seem to enjoy the most.

So, you can follow me on Twitter @thewessgrigg and Facebook to join in the fun there and here.

My next update will come this weekend, and will be some fun coverage of the Motor City Comic Con.


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