Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined


Some free floating thoughts…


It has been a little while since I posted here, and for that I do resolve to be more active with the posting and writing.

With all of that said, I have also decided to possibly publish some of my short stories and other assorted articles here as well, with both the goal of staying creative, but to also make a chronicle of the things that I think about.

I know that I will also be posting things that are also seen on other places of the internet.

So let us begin, shall we?

Jeff Buckley is still to this day, underrated, and to a degree forgotten by many in the world of music… but the real musicians and thinkers of this day and age, still remember this fine poet of the satisfied mind. His track “New Years Prayer” is still haunting, and gives me goosebumps every time that I hear it.  And this track here is very awesome, just saying:

Don’t know when the change really happened, but what is the story with the sudden love of all things nerdy? It seems to me that the world of culture here in the USA is going in two different directions… Geeks vs Douchebags.

Closed circuit to the douche bags out there… Tap Out clothing is the equivallent of wearing a sandwich board saying that you wear Axe, say the word Bro to damn much, and most likely can’t win a real fight.

Patton Oswalt has quickly become one of my favorite stand up comedians. His timing and love of the nerd core culture has very much won me over… and he rants like so:

And come to think of it… I guess the real things that I want to talk about I will do so at a later time… I need to go to Black Angus 😛