Dear Phil Griffin,

Dear Phil Griffin,

While I am not a regular viewer of MSNBC, I have never been more disappointed in American News Media as I have found myself today.

I watched the interview with Ron Paul when it was broadcast on CNN. While the interview was not all that long, I feel that Ron Paul articulated his answer to the questions asked in a very professional manner. Furthermore the misquote of Dr. Paul, stating that the country was better off with the Jim Crow Laws, was not only a gross misquote, it was insulting to the intelligence of many of the media savvy voters in the world today.

I also feel that as the president of a supposed news channel, you owe it not only to the viewers, but to the citizens of this country that MSNBC present the news in a real and truly informative (meaning no political spin what so ever) manner.

Facts, not opinions… for it is the people of this country that are the ones that should be forming opinions based on facts… not on slander, libel, or any other kinds of “yellow journalism”.

The era of William Randolph Hurst has been over for many, many years… in the age of information, it is foolish to try to revive it… as facts have a way of finding their way to the public, regardless if you want them to, or not.

Wess Grigg

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