Reflection on 2011: Yet Another One of Those Posts


Well, here we are…

It is now 2012, and I am going to be a little unoriginal here and post some of the things that have happened to me in the past 12 months. As if there is a real reason for me to do this here, but truly, I guess the only reason is so that I can kind of just say whatever I wish, and not worry too much about what I am going to say.

Could there be fallout over some of these things… yeah, but I don’t really care anymore.

The year started off decently enough, as I had a good job, found myself in what was looking like what could have been the start of a relationship, and was living in a decent town.

As the year progressed, I went back to being totally single, re connected with my “little sister”, moved back to my hometown, and traveled around a bit for my job.

I tried online dating, and found that to be a total bust. Didn’t even get to meet anyone from that whole thing at all.

In the midst of the last month I have made some new friends, reconnected with an old one, and after last night, I realize that I still need to reassess what it is that I want for myself and out of my life.

Love is something that I am not too sure of, but it’s how it goes from time to time… All I can do is just keep moving forward.

I just hope that perhaps someone that I have spent some time with in the past couple weeks finds what they are looking for, and is safe in the adventure that they are partaking in. I also hope that a certain someone that I had shared a few moments of trust over this past year will see what it is that is offered to her.

So here is to 2012, perhaps it will be even better than the last.


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