My long form response to an FB post on a PA ad: Links inside…


The offending ad:

Link to the thread:

My response: 

Seriously… I really do feel that this opens the door for women that do stupid shite to make a claim that someone took advantage of them while under the influence.

Now while I am not saying that this will open the flood gates, it does seem to look like the avenue for that kind of excuse will now be made more palatable to those that might not have taken that road before.

Because in the end, the kind of people that would make that claim to cover their own arse are out there… putting up an ad like this will only allow those that would do it validation with their claims because there are people out there in the world that will use the excuse of “I heard/saw an ad that said that if I get drunk and have sex with someone and it harms my life in someway (relationships/job/whatever else) I can just make the claim that I was raped when I was hammered.”

I say this because the topic has been broached here on Facebook, and as we all know there are people here on FB that are too damn stupid to not jump to that conclusion should they find themselves in a position where they can jump to that outcome.

I agree with Emily on the point that is give a really crappy excuse to both sides, but there are people out in the world that such so much as human beings that an ad like this will give them license to make rape claims for their own piss poor judgments.

I somewhat agree with Elizabeth in the respects that it has a lot of truth to it… but so would a how to guide on how to commit a hate crime… the difference here is that if someone went out and committed a hate crime, there would be an outcry over the fact that someone committed the crime, and that there was a guide to do it.

This ad pretty much tells us that if you get that pretty lady at the end of the bar plastered, you can have your way with her.

While it is not exclusive as a “how to”, it does show that not every thing was looked at before someone gave the green light to this ad.

I see where both Mike and Matt were going with their responses, and agree that this ad really isn’t about binge drinking when you really look at it. And I make my case the way that I do to show how something like this can go so sideways… all in all the ad is terrible because it takes the real issue and makes it another.

Plus it makes the victim the one to blame. Which to me is the real issue.

So in closing: Stop raping drunks… they are people too, and just because they can only respond with “blarghwargleslurslur” when asked if they want to have sex. It is just rude. #warpedsoapbox


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