Angriest Man In The World…


So I am sitting here watching the documentary callled Winnebago Man, and I have to say that I am very amazed by it.

The documentary is about Jack Rebney, an industrial video host that had become internet famous for his role in a Winnebago industrial presentation. The video itself was circulating on video tape and later YouTube, for nearly 20 years, and features Rebney having what many would call the most difficult video shoot ever.

At it’s heart, it is very much a look at how the internet, and becoming a meme, can affect the lives of those involved.

A touching and fantastic look at the life of a man that felt that the internet can both harm and heal. Check it out.


The couple of weeks…


So in the last couple of weeks, I was demoted, then promoted… gotten a couple of Huskies, needed a drink here and there… and for the most part have been all over the damn place.

But the good news is that I am intrigued with how everything else is going on… and have decided to get cought up with Dexter. In season 4 currently… and for the most part Rita is a beyotch this season.

More later…