Something that is awesome…


So, I have taking advantage of Netflix, and have been getting my roomie/brother in law and myself caught up with Dexter.

A great series, and in my honest opinion, one of the best that I have ever seen.

Just saying.


You get nothing…


I find myself laughing me arse off recently. I think it is because of the fact that there are people in this world that honestly think that complaining and threatening me to change what I need to do just to cater to them.

Wish in one hand… shite in the other… see which one fills up first.

The update: Move and Weekend


So, after a few days since the move, I have to say that life is good and getting better.

The move was great, and considering that the scope of the move was not nothing to sneeze at, it needs to be looked at as something as five shades of awesome considering that we had so much help in moving we had a hard time figuring out who needed to do what.

The training of the new recruits for the office has been both awesome and a challenge, not withstanding these facts, all of this has been good, and the week has been awesome.

The apartment is really coming together, Rory picked up a dining table, I picked up pots pans, and all the other stuff that would be needed to make it so we can eat at home. Chairs, couch and stuff is coming soon.

We are also going to at some point get a new TV.

As far as movie watching goes, I finally saw the movie Paul… and it is on my list of movies that I need to own.

Just sayin’

I have had some good times, and now am ready to get things moving forward with the rest of my personal life… so with that, I am looking to rock is out with the ladies… we will see how it goes.