Used and Abused tread posted on USED N ABUSED BY WOMEN join if u men have been


By this point in time, there are countless movements and charities out in the world today that are focused on what are considered important.

There are movements based of religious tolerance, same sex marriage, political awareness, animal rights, women’s rights, global warming, and the countless ribbons that we see in support of cancer research, bringing the troops home, etc.

As men that have faced domestic violence as the victim, we are not only rather silent, but those of us that are saying that this kind of this is a real plight are damn near ridiculed so severely that we are afraid to say anything about it.

I feel that it would be great if we came up with ideas, or even an ad campaign to show that we are people that are worth standing up for. We get into these positions so many times because we are the men that refuse to strike a woman… we really are nice guys that get smacked around because we won’t be “that guy” and hit a woman no matter how much she pissed us off, or no matter what we might have been arguing about.

We suffer in silence because we know that we will be looked at as less of a man if we said a damn word.

When was the last time you heard a joke about a guy getting his arse kicked by his wife because he got out of line?

Now flip the sides here… because while it is considered OK for a woman to beat on a man, we men are not even allowed to consider joking about domestic violence with the woman being smacked around.

With this all in mind, what are some of your ideas on how we can spread the word about what is happening?


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