Sit Rep: 24/7/2011


Went out for a wee bit of fun with my West Coast Pal Stefanie a.k.a. Winsauce, Detroit Velvet Smooth, Tha Globetrotter, and later on G. A. Double R. E. Double T.

Had dinner at a place called Red Onion, and had some of the best Thai food ever, and then checked out McMenamin’s at the Kennedy School.  Pics will follow on my facebook page.

I will miss hanging out with Winsauce when I return to the motor city, but I have a feeling that we might actually stay in contact, so that will be cool. I really like having friends all over the world, and she is the kind of person that would fit so well into the kliq in Detroit, she would be adopted into the family in something around 2.5 seconds.

Been 3 days now since I spoke to a certain Red Headed Harbinger of Slugbugs… and I am kinda worried about things there. If for no other reason than I know she was having a rough go of it. She is a stronger person than many have given credit for… so unless there is a real problem, I am not too worried… just kinda worried.

Here is something to lighten the mood: 


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