Well, what the hell…


I was in traffic today, and saw something that was right up there on the idiot scale. A person was sitting at a red light, that led to a highway access ramp, and the person in the car behind them, started blaring the horn.

While this typically isn’t something that I would pay any attention to… for some reason I really wanted to see a cop come up from behind the jack ass with the horn, and just mace the living shite out of them.

But instead, I simply leaned me head out of the window, and simply bellowed to the driver, “IT’S A RED LIGHT YOU BUGGERY BASTARD!”

After giving them the bowfinger, I drove off. Leaving behind a feeling of satisfaction I wish I could have every day.

And could someone tell me why in the hell it takes an hour and a half to return empties?

I went to a local grocery. Whilst I was there, I tried to return some recyclable empties so that I could get my $.10 deposit each back.

But seeing that we are so bloody close to the holiday, the machines that takes the empties, were on the blink over and over again, as they were filling up faster than Elton John’s pants at an antique show.

So I found myself taking the time to go up to the customer service desk on several occasions… but just for grins that I just went ahead and went up again and again, so that I could give them hell if for no other reason than to just simply give them shite.

And now some music to make this post more interesting.


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