Blazing Saddles… Funniest… Genre Spoof… Ever!


Now I know that this film has been around for many years, but in the era of Political Correctness, this film is one of the funniest things to watch if you still have a sense of humor.

The fact that this movie is still available on DVD and Blu Ray in today’s day and age is something to bloody behold.

Blazing Saddles is a 1974 satirical Western comedy film directed by Mel Brooks. Starring Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder, it was written by Mel Brooks, Andrew Bergman, Richard Pryor, Norman Steinberg, and Al Uger, and was based on Bergman’s story and draft. The movie was nominated for three Academy Awards, and is considered one of the great American comedies, coming in at number six on AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Laughs list.

Brooks appears in multiple supporting roles, including Governor William J. Le Petomane, a Yiddish speaking Indian Chief and Adolf Hitler. Other supporting actors include Slim Pickens, Alex Karras, David Huddleston, as well as regulars Dom DeLuise, Madeline Kahn, and Harvey Korman. Musician Count Basie has a cameo as himself.

The film exposes the racism obscured by myth-making Hollywood accounts of the American West, but in a highly satirical way, with the film’s hero being black. The film is full of anachronisms, from a jazz band in the Wild West to a rustler referring to the Wide World of Sports to Nazis and a camel waiting in the line for villains.

With sight gags galore, and some very heady humor, (Breaking of the 4th wall, early pervert jokes in a subtle way).

Check this flick out… it’s funny as hell.


True Grit


So, ‘tis the season of Christmas block busters, and while there are several movies being released this weekend… True Grit, by the Cohen Brothers is the one that really has my eye. (No Rooster Cogburn pun intended).

The film is of course a remake of the 1969 classic starring John Wayne, and while it would be hard pressed to compare the two films justly, I would go so far as to say that if John Wayne were here in his prime, and this film were made in this modern day… it would be very similar.

Jeff Bridges plays the legendary US Marshal Ruben “Rooster” Cogburn, in his quest to make money by avenging the death of a young girl’s father…. All the while there is an on and off working relationship with a Texas Ranger named La Boeuf (Matt Damon), and the constant brain child conversations from young Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld)… and the role of the outlaws being filled by Josh Brolin as Cheney, and a surprise showing by Barry Pepper as “Lucky” Ned Pepper.

The film really only suffers from the plight of being so fast moving, that it feels like the story is rushed, but given the shorter running time (only 110 minutes) this is to be expected.

True Grit stands on it’s own as a trip to the land of the wild west bad ass, and much like Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven, True Grit kind of suffers from the quirk of being almost too dark to really get into.

The camera work was amazing, and there are situations in this film that are very much like the previous works of the Cohen’s, such as The Big Lebowski (1998), O Brother Where Art Thou (2000), and to a degree No Country for Old Men (2007)… there is a feel of dark comedy involved with the film. It would be simple to say that most everything that the Cohen Brothers touch does turn to gold… but in a way, this film has a dark feel to it that is more along the lines of The Man Who Wasn’t There (2001).

All in all, True Grit is an excellent film, and one hell of a western… This one is worth the ticket.

Well, what the hell…


I was in traffic today, and saw something that was right up there on the idiot scale. A person was sitting at a red light, that led to a highway access ramp, and the person in the car behind them, started blaring the horn.

While this typically isn’t something that I would pay any attention to… for some reason I really wanted to see a cop come up from behind the jack ass with the horn, and just mace the living shite out of them.

But instead, I simply leaned me head out of the window, and simply bellowed to the driver, “IT’S A RED LIGHT YOU BUGGERY BASTARD!”

After giving them the bowfinger, I drove off. Leaving behind a feeling of satisfaction I wish I could have every day.

And could someone tell me why in the hell it takes an hour and a half to return empties?

I went to a local grocery. Whilst I was there, I tried to return some recyclable empties so that I could get my $.10 deposit each back.

But seeing that we are so bloody close to the holiday, the machines that takes the empties, were on the blink over and over again, as they were filling up faster than Elton John’s pants at an antique show.

So I found myself taking the time to go up to the customer service desk on several occasions… but just for grins that I just went ahead and went up again and again, so that I could give them hell if for no other reason than to just simply give them shite.

And now some music to make this post more interesting.